THIS IS BIG! Research has shown that TV and internet commercials are having equal impact on viewers. Great news for anyone with a product or service, commercials are no longer the domain of large business with big ad campaign budgets. Your website, social media, and internet channels level the playing field allowing businesses a cost effective way to reach their audience.



Your Website

80% of web users will not read your site. They will skim it for what they want and what they like. THE GAME CHANGER: Add video! People prefer watching over reading. Video content on your website increases the average time people spend on your page, from 10 seconds (yes, really) to over TWO MINUTES! 


Don't kill your TV quite yet!  On average, Americans over 35 years old, consume five hours of broadcast television per day. FIVE HOURS! That's a boatload of potential viewers! TV campaigns are still a great vehicle to get your brand out there. We recommend our customers have online content that aligns and interacts with TV campaigns. Advertising success is measured in brand recognition and your success is our goal!  

Social Media

2.34 billion people worldwide tune in to social media. In the United States, over 80% of the population is on social media. Social media allows advertisers to target very specific audiences, track analytics, and reach more people by "boosting" posts. 70% of all companies have a dedicated team managing their social media efforts. So, why not have a dedicated video team create engaging content that will get shared, watched, and go viral?  


City of Phoenix Billboard.png

Digital Signage / Kiosk

DOOH, no Homer did not slam his hand in the car door. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) signage is another fast growing way to show off your brand. DOOH can be seen on city busses, the light rail, shopping malls, billboards, storefronts, and just about any city's downtown spaces. With the the cost of technology decreasing and more digital signs in use, don't rule out creating or even repurposing your current materials for your next campaign.